NO Preservatives or Animal Fats or Animal by products are used in the preparation  of Indian breads made by Mughal Foods. Only canola oil is used in the preparation of breads.

Product Name

Quantity Per Packet


15cm diameter Roti 12 more info
15cm diameter Plain Flour Chapatis 12 more info
15cm diameter Wholemeal Chapatis 12 more info
20cm diameter Wholemeal Chapatis 6 more info
20cm diameter Plain Flour Chapatis 6 more info
15cm diameter Naan Bread 2 more info
5cm diameter Cocktail Naan 9 more info
20cm diameter Plain flour Parathas 5 more info
20cm diameter Wholemeal Parathas 5 more info
10cm diameter Instant Poori 24 more info
15cm diameter Peking Duck Pastry 12 more info