Cocktail Naan

Cocktail Naan Indian Bread

Cocktail Naan Bread Perth WA
Nutritional Information

Cocktail Naan was developed by Mughal foods for use in cocktail snacks. The ingredients are the same as naan, but the cocktail naan is 5cms in diameter.

Great with toppings such as Tandoori chicken, cream cheese and smoked salmon or tomato paste with preserved vegetables & olives topped by Parmesan cheese for vegetarians.

Cocktail naan is an attractive, wholesome, preservative-free addition to buffets, cordon-bleu menus, cocktail parties and wedding cuisine.

This handy, bite-sized Indian bread is easy to pick up and versatile for different applications. It is delicious with savoury toppings such as salmon and cream cheese or tandoori chicken, and equally appetising with sweet toppings such as strawberries and cream. Perfect for gourmet chefs, all you do is add a topping that suits your event; you can be as creative or as imaginative as you want.

Cocktail naan is made locally and can be delivered directly to your kitchen. Mughal Foods are the only makers of cocktail naan in Western Australia and many people are savouring our exclusive products.

Buying our fresh, authentic Indian bread has added advantages:

  • Proven professional services—we have been established for over 25 years
  • Made in Western Australia—our products are fresh and made to a much higher quality than imported products
  • Beneficial for people with allergies—our breads contain no preservatives, additives, stabilisers or animal fats
  • Easy to purchase—orders can be arranged over the Internet or the phone
  • Economical—bulk orders are available for large parties and events.


  1. Remove bag from freezer and warm in a microwave.
  2. Alternatively thaw and warm under a grill.

Plain flour, canola oil, yeast, iodised salt, vitamin (thiamine, folate), water added.

No Preservatives, No Animal Fats.

Made from local and imported ingredients.

Keep frozen for long shelf life.

Cocktail Naan Bread